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AI voice changer software development has exploded over the last couple of years. Technology like real-time voice cloning has increased the use cases for businesses and individuals. However, with all of these options on the market, it can make choosing the first software seem daunting. To make it easy for you to find your perfect voice, we will break down the best AI voice changer technology of 2024.

What Is an AI Voice Changer and How Does It Work?

An AI voice changer is software that changes how your voice sounds by altering the speed, pitch, tone, and several other characteristics. This technology started as text-to-speech (TTS), where you would type in some text, and an artificial voice would read it aloud. 

Voice changer technology has developed so much that the TTS reader’s voice is now as realistic as a human voice. The input on the technology has changed, too. Now, you can speak as your input, and real-time voice cloning can make your voice sound like another. You can pick preinstalled and celebrity voices to use as the output. Regardless of the voice type you are looking for, with such a range of choices, you can find the perfect vocal identity for your brand.

Top 5 Best AI Voice Changer Technology of 2024

While all voice-changing software shares some fundamental features, there are also unique propositions from each of the following five. Be sure to choose the option that best fits your needs.

1. Hitpaw Voice Changer for Simple Voiceovers

Hitpaw’s user-friendly interface offers a stress-free start for online voice changer newcomers. It is simple to select and apply voice effects, even if you are inexperienced. While the interface is clean and easy to use, you can still use various customizable voice effects. 

On a basic level, you can adjust the pitch, speed, and volume in the voice modulator. If you feel more creative, you can also manipulate the AI voice to sound like a robot, chipmunk, anime actor, and many other options.

Hitpaw allows you to instantly change the AI voice using their real-time AI voice changer. This feature can be used during video games, voice calls, or online meetings. Hitpaw easily integrates with popular platforms such as Discord, Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet.

2. Voicemod for Characters or Celebrities Voices

Voicemod is a good option if you are looking for an AI voice changer for celebrity and cartoon character voices. They have many pre-made AI voice characters, including celebrities from TV shows, movies, and video games, as well as famous singers.  

You also have control of the pitch, speed, and volume of the AI voice change. You can create realistic voices in any style that suits you. Voicemod also includes a variety of soundboards, making it easy to add sound effects to accompany your voiceovers. 

Voicemod has a user-friendly interface, making creating your AI voice characters easy. You can then use these custom voices in real time by applying Voicemod’s voice filters. Real-time voice changers are a great way to judge how your voice will sound before committing to making and downloading a complete recording in that style. 

The AI voice changer from Voicemod can be used in various applications, including steaming software, video editing software, and voice chat applications. 

3. Synthesys for Dynamic Media Presentations

Synthesys goes beyond TTS software and provides an all-in-one text-to-video (TTV) package to create dynamic media presentations. TTS software provides audio based on a script, whereas TTV provides a human avatar that reads your audio, along with a video presentation. 

This level of automation greatly speeds up your content creation process, particularly when creating things like explainer videos or marketing content for social media. Adding visual elements to a voice-over helps to improve audience understanding and interest, as they are more engaged with the content. 

Synthesys makes it easy to start with an extensive presentation template library. Even if you are not experienced in creating engaging content, you can start with a premade option and build from there.

4. Kits for Customized AI Voices

Kits sets itself apart by offering AI voiceovers for singing. They provide a collection of officially licensed artist voices, which is great if you want an AI singing voice generator. Using Kits’ powerful training tools, you can easily enhance the depth and emotive impact of any music creation. 

Kits emphasizes collaboration with artists and is the first platform to work directly with artists. They also provide a model library with a royalty-free catalog, so you are sure to find the right singing voice for your project. 

Once you have the right voice, you can use the training tools to train your custom voice to have the perfect tone for your brand. Quality enhancement features like epoch selection and overtraining protection ensure the final audio file maintains the quality of the original voice input.

Kits are not limited to singing voices. They also have a library of natural-sounding and artificial voices. These can be used with your music to produce complete and immersive content.

5. LOVO for Premium Results in Projects Big and Small

LOVO is an excellent choice if you want high-quality results from a brand with a proven track record. 

Cutting-edge technology allows LOVO to produce hyper-realistic voices that are almost indistinguishable from authentic voices. This state-of-the-art voice generation and TTS technology has over 500 voice options in 100 languages, including celebrities, all of which speak with the emotional depth and nuance you would expect from a human voice actor. You can also customize the gender, pitch, speed, and intonation of any voice you choose.

If you want to get specific with your AI voice creation, you can create a copy of any voice you wish using voice cloning technology. You can copy the voice of a friend, celebrity, or even your own voice to use later. This level of customization guarantees you find the perfect voice for your project.

LOVO further sets itself apart by offering a full content creation AI toolkit that goes beyond just producing AI voiceovers. It provides an AI script-writing assistant to streamline the production of your audio content, as well as a full video editing suite to combine your content from audio dubbing to video presentation. 

Experience the Full Power of a Cutting-Edge AI Voice Generator

If you want to get started with a complete AI content creation package, you can start your free trial with LOVO today. Over 500,000 content creators and professionals already use LOVO to streamline content creation, so why not see what they can do for you, too?

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