AI has exploded in popularity this year. Many industries are reaping the benefits of new tools in all sorts of different ways. Audio-based industries are no different, and AI voice generators are getting really good.

In this guide, we’ll explore what these tools are and what benefits they offer. We’ll also touch on ethical points you should considered. Learning about these innovative tools is crucial as AI reshapes how we create audio. Let’s dive into the guide to AI voice generators and its future.

What Is An AI Audio Generator?

Turning text into speech isn’t new. These programs have been around for a while, but AI has really raised the bar. Remember how the old text-to-speech voices sounded robotic? Those days are gone. 

AI has breathed life into this tech, making the audio sound more human. This isn’t just about sounding less robotic, though. The voices created by these generators can show emotion and vary their tone — just like humans do.

The use cases for this technology are wide and varied. Digital marketers can now easily create catchy ads, and YouTubers can add voiceovers to their videos. People who create audio-only content like podcasts and audiobooks can also save lots of time with AI-generated audio.

AI audio generators are extremely powerful. They’re not just reading words — they’re communicating. They are telling stories with feeling and rhythm and engaging with people.

The Benefits Of Using An AI Voice Generator

There are many benefits when using an AI voice generator. Here are just a few:

Realistic Speech

The best AI voice generators create audio that feels just like listening to a human speak. It doesn’t feel like we’re hearing a computer talk anymore.

Wide Variety Of Voices

With the best tools, you’re spoiled for choice. You can select from male or female voices, various accents, and even different age ranges. Different voices are better suited to different projects, and these tools provide a huge amount of flexibility. This means you can continually tinker and find the perfect voice for your brand or project.

Create Conversations

AI voice generator tech also allows you to use multiple voices. You can have multiple distinct voices have a conversation with each other. Imagine creating an engaging dialogue for your next podcast or video, all with a few clicks.

Translate Into Multiple Languages

Language is no barrier for AI voice generators. Want to tap into the over 1 billion Mandarin speakers in the world? No problem. Want to expand your business into the Latin American market with over 500 million Spanish speakers? You got it. Broad language opens the door to global audiences.

Voice Cloning

Voice cloning lets you create a digital copy of your voice. Sounds fascinating, right? Imagine if you’re a bit under the weather and not up to creating content. Let your voice clone take over, allowing you to “speak” without saying a word.

This powerful feature can raise a few eyebrows, though. Cloning your own voice is one thing, but what about someone else’s? This is an important ethical consideration for AI voice generator users. Make sure you’re using voice cloning responsibly and only cloning your own voice or the voices of others with their permission. 

How To Use An AI Voice Generator

Using an AI voice generator is pretty simple. There are free AI voice generators and paid ones. Let’s break down how to get the most out of them. 

First, you need to find the tool that you want to use. One of the best out there today is LOVO AI’s Genny. Genny is affordable, user-friendly, and very versatile.

Next, you’ll need to choose a voice. Genny, for example, has a long list of voices you can pick from. You’ll find plenty of options to match the sound you’re going for. 

The third step is setting the mood. This is where you select the emotion you want the voice to convey. It’s like picking the vibe of your audio piece.

Now it’s time to add in your text. You can type it in directly or simply copy and paste it if you prepared it elsewhere. 

After that, you get to hear the AI’s work. Listen to the audio file generated. Does it sound just right, or does it need some tweaking?

Good AI voice generators like Genny will let you refine things if your audio needs some tweaks. Maybe the volume needs to be higher in certain parts. Maybe certain words or phrases need some added emphasis. You can easily change different things to make your audio sound perfect. 

And that’s it! Amazing, AI-generated voice in just a couple of clicks. 

See just how easy it is — try Genny for free today!