Key Takeaways

  • Reduced audio content production costs by 95%.
  • Enhanced productivity and publishing capacity of creative team.
  • Added unique audio personality to their company brand.

Bouncer is a leading email verification platform that allows users to significantly reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, and improve overall deliverability in targeted email campaigns. Their advanced API can manage email lists of up to 250,000 addresses, and provide GDPR-compliant data verification. The interface’s proprietary algorithm automatically detects any errors in an email database, and provides accurate bounce rate estimates; an invaluable metric for any large marketing campaign.

Like any fast-growing startup, the Bouncer team needed to find creative ways to generate engaging marketing content for their clients, without incurring too many opportunity costs. While the company had an extensive collection of user guides and blog posts, the team found themselves at a quandary when it came to audio-visual content. They were stuck spending their finite time producing company demos and videos at inconsistent rates, and were limited to publishing content only once every 5 to 7 months.

The team needed a scalable way to spread their product message. A traditional approach would involve a strenuous process of ideation, copywriting, video and audio recording, and post-production, which takes a disproportionate amount of time and money; time and money that could be more productively spent perfecting the engineering of their interface and enterprise sales efforts.

As Simple as “Copy and Paste”

Bouncer had already grown a dedicated readership and their blog posts contained comprehensive research and insight into the field of email delivery systems. The challenge was to find an effective way to convert the content from the blog posts into scalable, reusable, and interactive audio-visual material. This is where LOVO Genny comes in.

By leveraging LOVO’s library of high-quality AI Voiceovers, the team at Bouncer was able to convert a single blog post into multiple, diverse forms of content. The process was simple: they just copy and pasted the text from their blog into the LOVO Genny workstation, selected a voice, and downloaded a finalized audio file.

They first used the audio file and embedded it into each of their blog posts using the Spreaker API, allowing users to have blog posts be read to them.

Armed with the ability to convert text to speech, the Bouncer team started their very own Audible podcast, “Email Made Easy with Bouncer”. Throughout 38 different episodes, they explored topics such as email layout design, best practices for conversion, email scrubbing — just about every email related subject humanly possible. They then used the same file and created a waveform animation to publish the podcast as a separate YouTube series.

“This is the space where we will dive deep into: email marketing, email deliverability and email verification topics and share our two cents so you can plan, design, and send your emails and deliver value to your recipients, with ease. Tune in to hear no fluff advise and master your email skills with Bouncer!” — Bouncer Audible Podcast

In just 2 months, Bouncer was able to substantially increase their content publishing rate, expand to a new communication channel, and save an incalculable amount of time in productivity by bypassing the need for manual content production.

A Voice for Winston

In addition to streamlining content production, Bouncer used LOVO for a unique reason: to find a voice for their gorilla. Let us elaborate.

What makes Bouncer’s marketing approach unique is its frequent use of a company mascot. The mascot in question being a blue, hat-wearing silverback gorilla named Winston. Users are able to see Winston prominently displayed in places like the Bouncer landing page as well as its API interface.

Winston reflects the company’s persona and brand, and is the medium of connection between Bouncer and its client. The CEO of Bouncer, Radek Kaczynski, had been searching for ways to further develop Winston’s character. On text, Winston is a warm-hearted yet flamboyant gorilla with a burning passion for email deliverability. All that Winston was missing was a voice of his own.

By sampling through the 400+ different voices in the LOVO catalogue, Radek was able to find the perfect voice for Winston: the deep, powerfully dramatic voice of Austin Hopkins, one of the most popular voices of LOVO Genny. His voice is most commonly used for narrations, video game NPCs, and animated characters. See him in action in one of our videos.

Radek’s reaction to Austin Hopkin’s voice says it all:

“The moment we heard this voice we knew this was it! Winston, for the past three years was developing his personality, but finally is complete with his own voice! And not an ordinary voice. One that when you listen to it, you feel like you are at a campfire listening to the wisdom coming from far journeys, and yet he’s talking about email deliverability.”

In summary, in less than an hour, the team at Bouncer was able to substantially reduce production costs, accelerate their content creation process by enabling rapid conversion of text to viable audio concept, open up new audio marketing channels, and find a voice for their company gorilla.

If you’d like to read more about LOVO’s AI voice generator Genny and its many use cases, visit our Blog to find out why over 300,000 users rely on LOVO to accelerate their audio content production.

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