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Spekit‘s Business Operations Manager, Andrea Park, shares how they use LOVO to drive customer engagement and platform adoption and overcame content scalability challenges to transform their video strategy with the help of our online video editor.

In the SaaS world, the speed at which products update and evolve is essential. With this comes the challenge of ensuring supporting video content, such as tutorials, marketing media, and onboarding videos, are consistently updated/created to ensure a positive customer experience and a high platform adoption rate.

This is a hurdle that Spekit has successfully overcome by being able to scale up their video production and unlock more creativity with the help of LOVO’s online editor, Genny.


1. Introduction to Andrea and Spekit
2. How Genny is fuelling Spekit’s business strategy
3. Overcoming scaling content challenges and unlocking new creative possibilities
4. Spekit’s content production workflow
5. Andrea’s favorite feature in Genny!

Please tell us about yourself and introduce Spekit to our readers!

Hi, I’m Andrea Park! I’m the Business Operations Program Manager at Spekit. Spekit is a just-in-time learning platform built to meet the needs of modern revenue teams, especially those in the midst of change. It sits on top of any web-based tool your revenue organization uses and surfaces new processes, technologies, and methodologies directly in their flow of work to ensure everyone is getting the training they need without disrupting productivity.

As the Business Operations Program Manager, I focus on streamlining cross-departmental processes. And because my background consists of working with startups and helping them solidify processes in multiple departments by utilizing different tools to communicate with one another. I first learned about Genny when helping revamp our Spekit Simplified Videos, and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

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Have you had experience with creating video content before?

Absolutely! While I wouldn’t classify myself as a seasoned video professional, I’ve certainly dabbled in the world of video creation. Previously, I spearheaded video content for an outdoor gear company, crafting and executing everything from product reviews and tutorial demos to showcasing incredible brands. Essentially, I wore all the hats – scripting, filming, editing, and publishing. It was a fantastic learning journey but also highlighted areas where I could refine my approach to content creation. Specifically, I’m always looking for ways to optimize recording techniques, streamline editing workflows, and captivate viewers for longer durations.

So, while I wouldn’t claim expertise, I do possess a hands-on understanding of video content creation and the challenges that come with it. This makes me incredibly excited about exploring Genny’s potential for both novice and experienced creators alike. I’m eager to discover how its capabilities can enhance my existing skillset and potentially unlock new creative avenues.

What role does Genny play in Spekit’s business strategy?

Genny isn’t just a supporting character in Spekit’s business strategy; it’s a leading actor driving customer engagement and platform adoption. Here’s how:

Empowering Customer Onboarding:

Imagine new customers embarking on a smooth journey with Spekit, guided by concise, informative video tutorials. That’s the magic of Genny in Spekit Simplified Videos. These bite-sized explainers go beyond initial onboarding training, serving as a readily accessible reference point customers can revisit at any time. The best part? They’re not just for customers anymore! Savvy prospects have discovered their value, gaining insights into Spekit’s capabilities before committing.

The Spekit Chrome Extension is the bread and butter to help users get the most out of their organization’s content related to the application they are working in, so it’s contextual, relevant, and in the flow of their work. This tutorial, created by Genny, helps guide customers on this critical step.

Showcasing Spekit in Action:

Forget lengthy sales calls; Genny lets Spekit shine through our Use Case Videos. These targeted video snippets demonstrate how Spekit seamlessly integrates with different platforms, capturing prospects’ attention without demanding their immediate time. It’s a quick, impactful way to showcase Spekit’s value proposition and spark interest without sales pressure.

Beyond Onboarding and Sales:

Genny’s potential extends far beyond onboarding and sales. We’re constantly exploring new ways to leverage its power, such as:

  • Product Documentation: Replacing text-heavy manuals with engaging video tutorials.
  • Internal Training: Equipping employees with easily digestible product knowledge.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Creating compelling video ads and social media content.

The beauty of Genny lies in its versatility and accessibility. It empowers anyone, regardless of video editing expertise, to create high-quality, impactful content that drives Spekit’s success.

In short, Genny is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic asset that fuels Spekit’s customer engagement, platform adoption, and overall growth.

What challenges were you facing that prompted you to look for a product like Genny?

Our initial launch into video guides with Spekit Simplified Videos showcased the power of concise product explanations but also exposed a critical scalability bottleneck.

While a talented member of our Customer Success team voiced the original videos, their capacity to maintain updates couldn’t keep pace with our evolving product.

This dependency on their recordings became a roadblock: without their availability, we were unable to refresh outdated content without sacrificing the familiar voice viewers had associated with the series. This presented a dilemma – either retire the valuable videos, leaving customers with inaccurate information or find a sustainable solution for ongoing updates.

Enter Genny. The need for a platform like yours arose from the desire to break free from these limitations and unlock the true potential of video in our customer lifecycle. We sought a solution that offered the following:

  • Effortless Voice-Over Editing: The ability to update and refresh existing videos without relying on the specific availability of any one individual.
  • Scalability and Efficiency: A platform that empowers multiple team members to create and maintain video content, fostering increased collaboration and agility.
  • Quality and Brand Consistency: Maintaining a professional and consistent voice across Spekit Simplified Videos, regardless of who is creating the content.

Genny stood out due to its intuitive interface, powerful voice-over editing capabilities, and seamless integration with our existing workflows. The ability to upload existing videos and easily update audio proved pivotal in preserving the familiarity and trust we’d built with viewers. Additionally, Genny’s collaborative features and brand voice guidelines empowered our team to create new content while upholding our brand identity.

Spekit provides tons of out-of-the-box content via our free Content Templates. Genny helped us create a tutorial video to make it easier than ever to access and download this valuable training content from Spekit’s content library that otherwise is easy to overlook.

In essence, Genny wasn’t just a solution; it was a catalyst for reinvigorating and expanding our video strategy.

From overcoming dependency to empowering team collaboration, Genny has allowed us to leverage the power of video in a scalable and sustainable manner, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and driving platform adoption.

How has Genny helped you overcome these challenges?

Genny has been a game-changer for Spekit, transforming video creation from a bottlenecked process to an accessible, collaborative endeavor. Here’s how:

Democratizing Video Content: 

Genny’s intuitive interface and text-to-speech technology empower anyone across any team to create high-quality videos, regardless of their technical expertise. This removes the dependency on specific individuals or departments, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Maintaining Brand Consistency: 

Genny’s voice-over style guides and brand voice guidelines ensure that every video, regardless of who creates it, adheres to Spekit’s brand identity. This fosters a unified voice and strengthens audience trust.

Speed and Agility: 

In the fast-paced world of startups, every minute counts. Genny’s efficient workflow allows us to create and update content quickly, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling us to respond to changing needs swiftly.

Content Sparks and Collaboration: 

Genny’s accessibility has sparked a culture of video creation across Spekit. Different teams are now empowered to tell their own stories and share their expertise, leading to a richer and more diverse content library.

Overall, Genny has not only solved problems but also unlocked new possibilities for Spekit’s video strategy.

It has empowered our teams, strengthened brand consistency, and boosted our content creation agility. In a word, Genny is a catalyst for innovation and efficiency, fueling Spekit’s growth and success.

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How does Genny fit into your workflow?

Genny powers roughly 80% of my video creation workflow, delivering efficiency and flexibility in every step. Here’s a glimpse into my process:

Step 1: Scripting with AI Assistance

I begin by launching Genny in “advanced mode” and leveraging the AI Writer tool. It helps me craft compelling scripts based on existing Help Center articles, saving me valuable time and effort. I then refine the draft to ensure flow and fit within the video format.

The AI Writer feature is available for the free 14-day trial and our Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise customers.

Step 2: Bringing Scripts to Life with Sophia

With the script ready, Sophia, our preferred voice, breathes life into the script with a natural and engaging tone.

Step 3: Seamless Recording and Editing

I listen to the script multiple times, internalizing the pace and emphasis. Then, I record the video footage using OBS, ensuring visual clarity and alignment with the audio.

Step 4: Audio Polishing and Integration

Once I’m satisfied with the video, I export the audio and seamlessly combine it with the footage.

Step 5: Accessible Video with Genny’s Subtitling

Finally, I utilize Genny’s subtitling feature to add accurate subtitles for YouTube, ensuring accessibility and a richer viewing experience for all.

a girl wearing a orange colored sweater taking a selfie with auto subtitle captions

Genny isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in my video creation journey. Its versatility and user-friendliness empower me to produce high-quality content efficiently, ultimately contributing to Spekit’s success.

What’s your favorite feature in Genny?

My favorite LOVO feature is the advanced mode option. Genny’s advanced mode isn’t just a time-saver; it’s a narrative sculptor. It lets me dissect scripts line by line, wielding emphasis and nuance with laser precision. No more re-recording for minor slips; individual sentence exports make edits a breeze. This surgical control fosters iterative refinement, polishing scripts until they shine. But the magic lies in the unexpected. 

Advanced mode welcomes spontaneity, capturing unscripted gems that resonate with viewers. It’s not just a tool; it’s a creative playground, fueling my storytelling passion and transforming video creation into a journey of artistic discovery.

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