Voice generation isn’t necessarily something new with text-to-speech (TTS) programs being around since the late 1950s. But what began as a simple computer-based speech synthesis system has now evolved into something far more powerful with the advent of commercial artificial intelligence (AI).

While TTS is similar to AI voice generation, there are several important differences. For example, traditional TTS is recognizable by its lack of emotion and inflection, while voice AI is designed to sound much more human-like.

Below we’ll explain what an AI voice generator is and walk you through the steps for using one to create an AI singing voice. 

What is an AI voice generator?

In case you’re wondering, an AI voice generator is the same exact thing as an AI singing voice generator. Essentially, it’s an AI TTS tool that can be used to turn text into an audio file that sounds exactly like a human voice. This is accomplished through the use of AI technology and sophisticated algorithms.

Depending on the AI voice generation tool that you use, you can opt to create an original singing voice or clone the voice of a celebrity, yourself, or someone you know. You’ll typically be able to add backing music to your newly generated vocals, as well as play around with the tone, inflection, melody, and even adjust individual notes.

AI-generated singing voices can be used for a variety of applications, including (but not limited to):

  • Music production and composing
  • Soundtracks for video games, short films, TikToks, Instagram reels, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Primary voice tracks for content
  • Virtual assistants
  • Games
  • Educational tools and videos

It should be noted that TTS for singing voice synthesis is based on two fundamental processes — statistical parametric synthesis and unit selection.

Statistical parametric synthesis involves the reproduction of a voice’s features and unit selection involves using small pieces of recordings digitally spliced together to create a full song. This makes it simple for virtually anyone to create everything from musical scores to unique singing voices. 

How to make an AI singing voice

Now that you have the opportunity to create an AI singing voice at your fingertips, you’re likely interested in learning exactly how it’s done. 

These are the steps to generating a singing voice using AI technology:

  • First, you’ll need to choose an AI voice generator tool. There are several of them out there right now, including LOVO AI, Uberduck, Kits, etc. We’ll look at these in more depth later, but the goal is to find the one that suits your specific needs best.
  • Once you’ve found the perfect AI voice generator for your needs, you’ll want to write and polish your lyrics. You’ll need to type them into the AI generator as you want them to be sung. You can also choose to use the lyrics of a song that you didn’t write if you’re planning to create a cover of a pre-existing track.
  • Input the lyrics into the AI voice generator using the provided API or interface. From there, you’ll also want to select the vocal style and genre so you can start customizing your new song or cover properly.
  • Now, you’ll want to go ahead and generate your AI voice track. The AI voice generator itself will typically process the lyrics and preferences you select automatically to generate a vocal track with the click of a button. This might take a little while depending on the complexity of your selected preferences and the length of the lyrics.
  • Once the vocal track is generated, you’ll need to download it as an audio file. Make sure that the file format you’re downloading is compatible with the digital audio workstation (DAW) or music production software you’ll be using to complete the song.
  • Import the AI vocal track to your chosen workstation or software and arrange the vocals as needed.
  • Now it’s time to mix and master your music! Some AI singing voice generation tools will allow you to mix and master all on one platform rather than having to upload your audio file elsewhere, but it all depends on the tool you choose.
  • Fine-tune your new vocal track by tweaking the individual notes, melody, speed, inflection points, and so on, until you’ve achieved the level of perfection you’re looking for.
  • And that’s it, you’re all done!

Best AI singing generators

Now all that’s left to do is find the AI singing voice generation tool that’s best for your needs. Here’s a look at some of the best on the market:


LOVO AI’s Genny is a hyper-realistic AI voice generator with over 700,000 current users. Our comprehensive tool offers a free version as well as a premium option, with the free version allowing users to access a full suite of services.

This includes more than 180 voices to choose from in over 33 different languages. We also offer:

  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited listening and sharing
  • Up to three free downloads per month
  • The option to save and share your audio files


Uberduck AI is a free TTS web application known for synthesizing celebrity voices. It’s most popular for creating rap tracks, but it can be used for virtually any kind of vocal track, even if you don’t plan to use those tracks to create music. 

Uberduck is great for content creators and musicians alike as it offers:

  • Text-to-speech with natural-sounding voices
  • Voice automation
  • Synthetic media creation
  • Voice cloning
  • Royalty-free voices
  • Chatbots and AI applications


Kits.ai is advertised as an all-in-one toolkit for musicians who want to craft the perfect melodies and symphonies. With Kits, you can create your own voice, use a community voice, celebrity/royalty-free voices, and even use AI instruments to mix and master your tracks.

The platform hosts a variety of features, including:

  • Officially licensed artist voice models
  • A commercial-use library
  • Free AI voice model training

Create the best AI voices with LOVO AI

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art AI voice generator that can offer you a full suite of features to try out for free, LOVO is your best bet. You can also choose to sign up for the premium version that expands the library to over 500 voices and 100 languages!

Join LOVO’s 1,000,000+ users today and start creating unique vocal tracks, music, and more!