Since its release in 2017, Descript has become a popular platform for editing video content. With its word-based video editing capabilities, Descript simplifies the process of making video and audio projects such as YouTube videos, podcasts, and more. However the search for alternatives to Descript have been on the rise.

One of its biggest downfalls is that it works best when editing or transcribing a single video file. This means that it’s rarely the best solution when you’re working with large volumes of video footage or need to condense clips from a variety of sources into a single narrative. 

Unsure whether Descript is right for you? Let’s look more closely at what it offers and how some of the leading alternatives to Descript compare. 

What Is Descript?

Descript is a video editor that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert audio into text. Instead of cutting and splicing waveforms, users can edit their video by deleting or editing this text. All they need to do is remove audio imperfections such as filler words and repetitions, change the text order, and make other alterations for smoother, more professional results. 


Descript offers four plans – the Free plan worth 1 hour of video content per month, the Creator plan worth 10 hours per month for $12, the Pro plan for $24 worth 30 hours per month, and the Custom plan with prices on request.

The 5 Best Descript Alternatives

Descript was one of the first platforms to offer an alternative to traditionally complex editing software. AI solutions have advanced so much since then, however, that Descript is now far from the only option.

If you’re looking for Descript alternatives, these are some of the top tools around: 


LOVO AI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to make video editing as simple as possible. Featuring an intuitive interface and a full video-editing suite, as well as extra tools such as subtitles, an art generator, an AI voice generator, and even a script generator, LOVO AI offers everything businesses and creators need to ensure a seamless, perfectly synced finished product every time. 


Get the full Pro experience before committing by signing up for LOVO AI’s free 14-day trial. After this, you can choose between the Basic version for $24 per month, the Pro version for $48 per month, the Pro+ version for $75 per month, and the Enterprise version with price on request. 

How It Compares To Descript

While Descript is useful during the post-production stage, LOVO AI is the complete package. Thanks to its script generator, text to speech AI voice generator, and voice cloning capabilities, LOVO AI can help you create original audio and video content from scratch. LOVO AI is also compatible with a wider range of devices making it the top choice among the Descript alternatives.

2. ScreenPal

Formerly known as Screencast-O-Matcic, ScreenPal is both a screen recorder and a video editing tool. Aside from its dual functionality, some of the key features and benefits of ScreenPal include performance metrics, easy video editing, video streaming, and online storage and publishing.


For users looking for a free Descript alternative, ScreenPal’s free version is a viable, albeit limited, option. For business customers, the four different subscriptions are the Solo Deluxe version for $3 per month, Solo Premier for $6 per month, Solo Max for $10 per month, and the Team Business version for $8 per month per user.

How It Compares To Descript

The main difference between these two video editors is that it’s possible to create a free video tutorial with ScreenPal but not with Descript. Also, although Descript is the better option for users creating social media videos or podcasts, ScreenPal is better for how-to videos.  

3. Piktochart

Although Pikochart’s video-editing features aren’t as advanced as the other tools in this list, the software shines when it comes to repurposing your videos for social media. Piktochart combines screen and webcam recording software, an easy-to-use interface, text transcription into 60 languages, and editing functions that make it easy to turn long videos into the highlight clips that social media followers love. 


Piktochart is ideal for those looking for a free Descript alternative to try out various visual projects with. The paid versions are the Pro plan for $14 per month, Business for $24, and the Enterprise plan with custom pricing. 

How It Compares To Descript

In terms of video editing features, Descript is the better of the two tools. That said, if you want to create short video clips, transcribe audio, or repurpose existing video content for sharing on social media, Piktochart is a great alternative.

4. Synthesia

This AI video generation platform allows users to create and edit videos from scratch. Whether you choose from one of the 60 video templates available or prefer to customize your own, Synthesia offers fast video creation and editing, over 400 AI voices, localized languages and accents, and an extensive range of music and graphics. 


One of the downsides of Synthesia is its high price compared to other video editors. You can either opt for the Personal plan for $19.50 per month or the Enterprise plan with the price on request. While the Personal plan is better suited to individuals, this limits you to only two hours of video per year. 

How It Compares To Descript

Synthesia is not only a video editor but also a video creator. This distinction makes it far more comprehensive than Descript. While there’s a bigger outlay with Synthesia—especially if you need the Enterprise plan—not having to hire actors or recording equipment will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

5. Reduct.Video

Reduct is a transcript-based video and audio platform where users can review, search, highlight, and edit content. As a web-native tool, Reduct allows all team members to collaborate on multiple video projects with ease. Reduct also uses human transcription as well as automation, ensuring optimal accuracy even with noisy recordings.


The Standard package is $24 per editor per month, Advanced is $40 per editor per month, and Enterprise starts from $75 per editor per month. Reduct also offers a free 14-day trial including all Advanced features and two hours of AI transcription. 

How It Compares To Descript

The main difference is that, while Descript only works for a single video, Reduct allows users to edit large volumes of video content at once. Its use of human transcription also makes Reduct a better choice for professionals in areas such as legal and justice where complete accuracy is essential. 

The best way to discover which of these alternatives to Descript is the best for your project is to check them out for yourself. Try out LOVO AI for free today to learn more.