Artificial intelligence (AI) voice cloning allows you to create a synthetic copy of a real person’s voice using AI tools such as speech to speech (STS), text to speech (TTS), and deep learning algorithms. Businesses and individuals can then use this cloned voice for voiceovers, dubbing, content creation, and more, with cloned voices offering greater brand consistency, quicker production times, and easier editing.

Voice cloning is one of many AI tools that has experienced rapid advancements in recent years, making it not only possible but simple to mimic any type of voice – as long as you have the best voice cloning software at your fingertips. Discover the top AI voice cloning tools for replicating voices with unbeatable accuracy. 

The Best AI Voice Cloning Software To Try Right Now

To help you find the right software for your unique requirements, this list reveals the best AI voice replicator tools available, based on factors such as ease of use, output quality, speed, customization, and pricing. 


Genny by LOVO AI is an established one-stop-shop of AI tools, including an AI voice generator, an art generator, a built-in video editor, and now, AI voice cloning. 

Genny’s voice cloning capabilities allow you to generate accurate AI text to speech voice replicator models that retain the unique intonation and vocal nuances of the original voice. Whether you want to record a voice for quicker and easier future use or choose from one of the many custom voices available, Genny is an unbeatable tool for bringing life to YouTube videos, marketing materials, educational tools, explainer videos, podcasts, and more. 

A standout feature of Genny by LOVO AI is that it includes a wide range of voice customization tools to adjust vocal aspects such as emotion, pitch, and speed – all while remaining one of the most robust and easiest platforms to use. What’s more, LOVO AI’s free 14-day trial allows you to access the full Pro plan and up to five cloned voices before committing to one of the paid plans, which start from $19 per month. 


Alongside voice generation, a voice changer, and other AI tools, Murf allows users to create AI voice clones that mimic real human emotions, such as sadness, anger, and surprise. You can also customize the pitch, tone, speed, and more of your cloned recording or custom cloned voice to add life-like narration to your content. 

That said, it’s unclear which of the Murf packages include voice cloning since it’s not mentioned in their pricing plans. Instead, those interested in voice cloning are advised to contact the Murf sales team to learn more.


ReadSpeaker’s voice cloning software produces text to speech voices that are indistinguishable from the original voice. Businesses and other organizations can then create content across all their audio channels voiced by this carbon copy, including smart speaker apps, advertisements, educational materials, and interactive marketing campaigns. 

Since ReadSpeaker is primarily aimed at organizations such as educational facilities and enterprises, it’s available via an annual licensing fee with variable pricing based on metrics that suit the organization in question. Although, ReadSpeaker also offers individual subscriptions starting from $4 per month. 


Respeecher is a premium voice cloning tool that uses speech to speech technology to produce voice clones that are indistinguishable from the original speaker. This makes the software perfect for filmmakers, game developers, and other professional content creators.

One downside of Respeecher is its high price point. After a three-day free trial, you have the option of either paying per second or per month, with monthly subscriptions starting from $199.  


Resemble is a high-end AI-powered platform that offers voice cloning as one of the many features of its impressive toolkit. With as little as three minutes of your target voice, you can generate a voice clone with limitless possibilities for narration, dramatic performances, singing, and even speaking in other languages. 

Aimed at larger corporations and professional content creators, Resemble has a higher price point than many other voice cloning tools and no free trial option. You can try the Basic plan for $0.006 per second or contact the Resemble sales team to find out the price of the Pro package. 


Lyrebird is a voice cloning technology that allows you to create a text to speech model of an original recorded voice or choose from a range of custom voices. The tool’s Overdub feature also makes it easy to add new words and phrases in your chosen voice. 

One disadvantage of Lyrebird in comparison to other voice cloning options is that you need at least an hour-long voice recording to create a high-quality voice model. That said, Lyrebird offers a free plan with limited access and paid plans starting from $12 per month, making it one of the most affordable options out there. 


HeyGen is an AI video generator featuring advanced cloning and lip-syncing capabilities. As well as cloning your voice, the platform allows you to create a custom digital self-image that looks like you and speaks in a way that perfectly replicates your vocal patterns and mannerisms. 

HeyGen delivers quality, crystal-clear cloned voices in less than 10 minutes that are ideal for podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and more. One negative is that the voice cloning process only supports English at present. Also, while HeyGen’s voice cloning is $99 per year, this is a distinct service purchased independently from the platform’s regular pricing plans. 

Get Started With Voice Cloning From Genny

Now that LOVO has added an AI voice replicator to its repertoire, Genny is an even more powerful tool for helping businesses and content creators maintain a unique and consistent brand voice. 

To benefit from all of Genny’s features, including the best voice cloning software, text to speech, more than 600 AI voices, an AI art generator, and a built-in video editor, sign up to Genny today to start your 14-day free trial!