With the festive season officially here and also with Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to showcase our jolly AI Santa voice and a few fun ways to add some holiday magic for 2023!

The Best Free AI Santa Voice

Our AI Santa voice is part of the Pro voice collection, which uses our most advanced models for ultra-realistic sounding voice. Our Santa’s voice has been created with advanced AI technology that uses text to speech (tts) to transform your text into a festive message with just a couple of clicks.

Spread some Christmas magic with our Santa Clause voice that will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Ready to start spreading some Christmas cheer?

Try out our AI Santa voice for free!

Festive Ideas For Using Santa TTS

With LOVO’s platform, Genny, you can create your entire project. In addition to generating our AI Santa voice, you can add subtitles, add audio and video, and even host it on our platform.

Below are a few of our fave holiday project ideas that you can create in Genny:

Holiday Greetings Cards

Add an extra element of fun to your ecards or greeting video this year with our AI Santa voice. Send personalized seasons greetings to your clients, customers, friends, and families! For example, you could have Santa tell a festive joke or give a Christmas wish to spread festive cheer this season.

Personalized Santa Message

If you have kids (or adults) who love Christmas, receiving a message from Santa himself could be a great way to bring some festive excitement. Such as a fun message to say Santa is on his way, letting them know he received their letter, or just to check in on how that naughty elf on a shelf is behaving!

Santa Triva Game

Do you play games on Christmas day or perhaps you are hosting a holiday party? With our AI Santa voice, you can give it an extra boost of Christmas magic! You could have Santa read out trivia questions, song lyrics, or film quotes to add an extra level of difficulty and fun!

Festive Santa listening to to Christmas music with headphones

How To Make A Santa Voice

Using our advanced TTS tool you can make your AI Santa voice in just a few clicks – it’s easy and quick to do!

Step 1 – Create a project

First, open Genny (sign up for free here) and create a new project.

Step 2 – Enter your text

You can either write your message, copy and paste, or upload a text document. In addition, if you need a little helping hand, our scriptwriting elf, AI Writer can work its magic for you!

Step 3 Select your AI Santa voice

Select Santa Clause from our Pro voices and hit generate. Sit back and relax, as our AI voice generator brings your script to life, just like a Christmas miracle.

Step 4 – Finishing touches

Now it’s time for those finishing touches! Upload your video, music, and sound effects, or select some from our library of free commercial assets to bring your project to life. Additionally you can include subtitles and generate your own images with our AI Artist tool!

Step 5 – Export and download your AI Santa voice

Finally, once you are satisfied with your project, export and download your video or audio file and start spreading the festive cheer! However, if you would rather send your video or audio file as a link you can follow step 6 below!

Step 6 – Host your project on Genny (for free!)

You can host your video or audio for free on Genny which anyone can view. After your project has been exported, you can create a link and share it with whoever you want! In particular, this is quite useful if you don’t want to send large files, or want to embed it as a link in your message.