The Timeline Editor is a powerful tool to help you aggregate and time different elements together into one content. It can handle the timing of video, voiceover, music, and sound effects to the millisecond resolution.

Here is what you need to know in order to master the Timeline editor.

Basics: The timeline block

You can move individual blocks around to different time by selecting a block and dragging it. To select multiple blocks at once, do cmd+select on mac or ctrl+select on windows.

You can also right click on individual block, change volume or delete, or send feedback on the specific block if you are facing issues.

Advanced: Pinning

In Genny, timeline blocks function by a concept called Pinning. Pinning will allow you to time different blocks with a higher degree of freedom.

You can Pin a block on the timeline editor. Pinning the block will do several things.

1. This will prevent the pinned block from being moved in time by other blocks.

2. Moving the pinned block will simultaneously move subsequent blocks.

3. If you unpin a pinned block, the start of the unpinned block will move to the end of the previous block.